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Recorded at Saint Anselm College
Engineered by Raise the Bar Audio

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Performed at Cate Park, Wolfeboro, NH
Recordings courtesy of WCTV, Wolfeboro, NH


The band has 3 CDs available for purchase with a terrific selection of songs. Buy all three CDs for $20 with free shipping, or individually as priced plus $3 shipping per order. You can also purchase them at any of our events. Contact us to make your purchase request.

"Moldy Figs" $15
Recorded at Souhegan High School, Amherst, NH
Mixed and Mastered by Raise the Bar Audio
Includes the following tunes (click for samples):

Moldy Figs CD     

"Swinging With The Band" $10
Recorded at Kingston Recording Studios
Includes the following tunes:

Swinging With The Band CD     

"Road Trip" $10
Recorded at WellSpring Sound, Acton, MA
Engineered by Mark Tanzer
Includes the following tunes:

Road Trip CD