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Bob Hughes - Lead Alto and Secretary

Bob, of Merrimack, NH, has been playing sax since 1964.  He studied with Sal Libro of the Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey Les Brown Orchestras and studied clarinet, flute and oboe with Sal Amato who played with Paul Whiteman, Frank Sinatra, Skitch Henderson and the New Haven Symphony, among many others. Bob majored in music at the University of Connecticut (for about 5 minutes). He has a Master's Degree in Anthropology from Ohio State University He is the author of the book, Superman in the 1940's, available at all better book stores. He currently works as a Supervisory Fraud Analyst with the Federal Food Stamp Program. He played with the Merrimack Jazz Ensemble for 8 years and currently plays clarinet in the Merrimack Concert Band. He has been known to play many other instruments.

Jen Abis - 2nd Alto

Jen is a resident of Amherst, NH, and received her undergraduate degree in music education from the University of New Hampshire in 2011. She has studied saxophone under Jared Sims, Dave Seiler, Carl Benevides, Stephen Guerra, and the infamous BBB band leader himself, Paul Berler . Since 2009, she has been working consistently as a woodwind doubler in the pit orchestras of more than a dozen theater companies in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area, playing any and all woodwinds - anything from saxophones to soprano recorder, in a variety of different productions. She also currently teaches after-school band classes for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders in Tewksbury, MA.




Ruth Pack - Lead Tenor

Ruth started playing tenor sax in 7th grade when an 8th grader beat her out for the keyboard chair in the stage band. She has played tenor under John La Barbera in the Cornell Jazz Ensembles and with Mark Scatterday in the Cornell Wind Ensemble. Locally she has played with the Temple Dance Band, and she leads worship, sings, and plays bass guitar on her church's worship team. In addition to sax, vocals, and bass, Ruth plays piano, oboe, and xylophone and has performed with Actorsingers and other community theater organizations.

Bob Dimeo - 2nd Tenor and Librarian

Bob, a resident of Bedford, NH, enjoys playing both the alto and tenor saxes. His experience includes playing for the Merrimack Community Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble and the Temple Dance Band. Bob is employed as Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot for Kollsman.



Don Bouvier - Baritone

At a young age, Don started taking lessons from Vincent Ferandinando on soprano until high school where he switched to Alto and Clarinet and a new teacher, Roger Carrier. He played with the Central High Band, Orchestra, All State Band and the Jimmy Warren High School Dance Band. He auditioned in his senior year and was accepted to the US Navy School of Music in Washington, D.C. Upon completion of High School and Music School, he was assigned to the NATO Cinc Nel Fleet Band stationed in Naples Italy for 25 months and then Norfolk Va. NATO Band till discharged. Once home, he attended UNH and also played in the Ted Herbert Dance Band. Other Bands include: Mel Sibulkin, Roger Carrier, George Ine, Bob Hall, Moe Bretton and the 39th NH Army National Guard Band and the 39th NHANG Alumnus Band. He is still actively playing.

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